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Equitable Compensation Redesign
for Nonprofit Leaders

Are you a nonprofit leader committed to equity but overwhelmed by the idea of opening up compensation as a topic for staff to give input on?

  • Are your staff saying that their pay is unfair?

  • Are your staff clamoring for more transparency in your approach to compensation?

Imagine knowing how to redesign your compensation system while simultaneously balancing equity, staff voice, and financial viability.

  • Imagine having a workplan already laid out.

  • Imagine being able to tell your staff that you have a plan that will incorporate their perspectives.

My FREE 10-Step Guide to Equitable Compensation Redesign is the answer.

Read this 10-Step Guide and you’ll know how to give your staff voice in their compensation, thus living up to your equity values, while balancing financial viability, what’s out there in the market, and what you can meaningfully incorporate.

What You'll Learn:

  • The 10 steps to balance equity, staff voice and financial viability

  • What you can meaningfully gather staff input on, when it comes to compensation

  • How to conduct a pay equity audit

  • How to gather benchmarks that are really applicable, when your organization is so unique

  • What is most often missed in the communication about compensation

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