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24-Step HR & Talent Audit
for Nonprofit Leaders

Are you unsure about where to prioritize your limited HR & Talent resources in service of your impact?

  • Are you a small nonprofit with only one or two people overseeing HR & Talent, so you just can’t do it all?

  • Are you worried you’re missing some huge compliance risk?

  • Do you sense there's a million things you could do to improve your organization’s human capital systems, yet you don’t even know where your blindspots are?

Imagine knowing exactly where to focus your limited HR & Talent resources for maximum impact.

  • Imagine having a roadmap for your small team to be able to accomplish the highest leverage things.

  • Imagine knowing how to balance impact, compliance and effort.

  • Imagine having peace of mind that you are compliant.

  • Imagine having confidence that your blindspots are gone - that you’re seeing all the important pieces of Talent & HR.

My FREE 24-Step HR & Talent Audit Framework is the answer.

Answer the 24 questions in my HR & Talent Systems Audit Framework, eliminating your blindspots, and you’ll have a starting idea of where to focus your limited time and resources.

What You'll Learn:

  • The 24 questions to ask yourself to remove your blindspots around your HR & Talent systems

  • The difference between HR and Talent, and why it matters

  • How to assess the quality of your systems

  • How to prioritize, when you don’t have the resources to do everything

  • One example of a low-lift but high-leverage action

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