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HR Ready:
From Compliance to Impact

Did you know that HR can mitigate risk and help you accelerate your impact?

With the "HR Ready" package, it is possible.

With the "HR Ready" package, you will bolster your compliance and strengthen your culture in the process, creating a ripple effect where your employees feel supported, so that they can focus on multiplying their impact.

You will walk away from our partnership with:

  1. An Employee Handbook aligned to your values

  2. Employees who are knowledgeable about and feel taken care of by your policies, allowing them to focus on doing their best work

  3. Leaders who have the skills and knowledge to manage the day-to-day and unexpected of HR

  4. A prioritized plan to strategically address HR & Talent gaps

  5. Minimized risk & increased expertise

  6. Increased time to dedicate to impact-accelerating projects

In other words, you will be HR Ready!

Package Includes...

Fundamental Policy Design

Employee Handbook Rollout

Leader Training

HR Audit

On-Call Support

Follow-On Services

Package Details

Fundamental Policy Design

Package Item #1

  • Facilitation of key HR policy decisions that have lasting implications (e.g., paid time off, paid leave, benefits, retirement)

  • Experienced guidance on how to align your HR policies with your values

  • Output: A (new or revamped) Employee Handbook

HR Audit

Package Item #4

  • Completion of a comprehensive internal audit of your HR systems and practices, resulting in a "state of affairs" and quality assessment

  • Recommendations on where to focus your energy and time in building out future HR systems, prioritizing high-impact and high-risk areas

  • Outcome: You have a prioritized plan to strategically address HR & Talent gaps

Employee Handbook Rollout
Package Item #2

  • Development of a tool to roll out the Employee Handbook and key policies with staff

  • Support with rollout

  • Outcome: Employees actually know and understand how your organization manifests its values in the policies that impact their employment, and they feel supported

On-Call Support

Package Item #5

  • On-call, anytime access - when you need it - as complex, urgent HR matters arise, to a seasoned thought partner for problem-solving and advice (on topics such as employee discipline, grievances, offer letters, leaves, etc.)

  • Outcome: Risk will be minimized down the road, you will build expertise, and you will have more time to dedicate to other mission-critical projects

Leader Training
Package Item #3

  • Training for HR and organizational leaders on how to implement high risk policies within the Employee Handbook (e.g., time off, leaves, accommodations, discipline & termination)

  • Outcome: You are prepared for the day-to-day and the unexpected in HR

Follow-on Services

Package Item #6

  • Based on the results of the HR Audit, follow-on services can include development of areas identified as high-priority, such as:

    • Onboarding tools​

    • Performance review system

    • HRIS selection & implementation

    • Compensation design

  • Outcome: You are HR Ready!

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